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Positive Mediations started initially in regional Victoria in 2010. Since then, Positive Mediations has facilitated mediations right across the State in Nathalia, Bright, Katunga, Shepparton, Bendigo, Melbourne and others.

Evelyn Robertson is an accredited Alternative Dispute Resolutions Consultant and a practitioner member of Leadr. Evelyn’s has vast experiencing in mediating and conciliating matters both in her role as Manager of the Civil Division in the Hobart Magistrates Court and Registrar of the Anti-Discrimination Tribunal, Hobart. In her role as Manager of the Civil Division, she had responsibility for the Court’s Statewide Alternative Dispute Program conducting conciliations, training and managing the program.

In Victoria, Evelyn is a member of Office of the Small Business Commissioner List of Mediators, Magistrates Court List of External Mediators and mediates matters through the Dispute Settlement Centre in Victoria.