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“Evelyn accepted responsibility for the Court’s ADR functions on a state-wide basis, a responsibility which she has discharged diligently and efficiently. She has been actively engaged personally in conciliations in both the Court’s Civil Division and the Anti-Discrimination Tribunal. Evelyn has been instrumental personally in effecting settlement rates that average 90% -94%.

During the period of my association with Evelyn, I have been impressed not only by her effectiveness with regard to conciliation and its associated processes, but also her consistent focus upon the ethical aspects of those processes.”

A G Shott, Chief Magistrate, Tasmanian Magistrates Court
“Evelyn has responsibility for the Courts’ Statewide Alternative Dispute Resolution Program both conducting and managing that Program. Such is her skill and enthusiasm in conducting conciliations that in excess of 90% settlement rates have resulted.”
Sam Mollard, Magistrate, Tasmanian Magistrates Court
“Evelyn is a court appointed conciliator and also conducts conciliations for the Tribunal. It should be noted that the general pool of Court Conciliators do not undertake conciliations for the Tribunal because of the specialist skills that are required in this jurisdiction and the Tribunal has a discrete small pool of conciliators who conduct Tribunal conciliations. Evelyn has shown that she is very effective and successful as a conciliator in this jurisdiction.

Evelyn is a skilful communicator. She is strongly aware of the sensitivities of parties in this jurisdiction and alert to issues facing unrepresented parties and issues such a disability that may impact on access to justice.”

Helen Wood, Magistrate, Chairperson Anti-Discrimination Tribunal, Tasmanian Magistrates Court